Slowly Does it

  We are a young company comprising of skilled, Knowledgeable & professional painters. We have been in the market since 2018 and we have been growing at a very steady upwards pace in the construction industry. We use new spraying technology and innovations in the painting market so as to achieve a perfect result and delivery high standards at a low cost to our New Potential Clients. We have the latest standards of spray painting machines that can spray onto walls cement plasters, skimming plaster, wall master mud, priming/base coat and finally Top coat paint on homes,offices,building,warehouses factories etc. The results will be done fast,less costly, have a fine even finish results, &  perfect  professional finish on all your walls. 
We have partnered with crown paints to offer you the best quality paints in E.Africa,Once you buy paint from us,we will paint it for you at NO COST (Labor Free) and will still give our clients a Workmanship Guarantee of 3 years to 15 years  depending on the product used or applied.Request for our paint price list or download it from crown paints website.                                         .